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Since no two stars, snowflakes, or human stories are the same, the reasons for considering an adoption plan - as well as the plans themselves - are as personal as a patchwork quilt.


We imagine the process to be like stitching pieces of your heart and soul together. We can only imagine the mosaic of emotions.

If you find yourself in that most difficult of places, know that we respect the deeply sensitive nature of your pain, and we realize it is stemming from an abundant well of love.

Your peace.  As we know from personal experience, life rarely serves absolute answers and directions. Yet, we believe moments of peace are possible and will help guide us.

So that is our greatest hope for you in this process, that you find a few moments of peace - Peace in having the resources and support you deserve. Peace in considering your options, and peace in a potential adoption plan that respects your preferences for the birth, post-birth, and post-placement plan. Should you choose to place, the decisions about timing and relationships are solely yours.

Your family. As you consider your options, please know it would be a sacred honor or us to partner with you and create a new kind of family through open adoption, knit together in love for your little ones.

We see that family extending to all of your children who will forever share biological bonds, as well as your parents, grandparents, and siblings who equally care for them as one of their own  - whomever you want to be part of your children's life story. In our minds, it would be you inviting our family into yours. It creates more love and support, and in this world one can never have enough!

Our dream. We are prepared in every way to adopt, or rather to be adopted. Parenting is the greatest joy and purpose of our lives. We would love your children as our own and dedicate our lives to raising them, while knowing they will also live forever in your heart.


This thought brings us joy - the dual sacrifices we would both be making to bring your little ones into this world and give our lives to raising them. We could celebrate these greatest gifts together as we watch your children grow.

Your journey. Our parting prayer for you now - whether our paths cross again or not - is that angels will be your silent associates of strength and peace as you proceed down this unknown road of love - wherever it takes you and your little ones. Big hugs!

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We are an open book and would be happy to talk anytime without pressure. We realize you are in an exploration phase and have the weight of the world on your shoulders. We won't add to it. We are at peace with our adoption journey and know it will work out when the timing is right. So if we can support you and your process with information, new perspectives on open adoption, or just to encouragement let us know. We're here for you.

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