Family Fun

Family activities took on new meaning when Ephraim arrived. They were more challenging, but it didn't matter because we found unexpected joy in introducing him to the world. He became - as we know all our children will be - our world.

Now we know the parenting secret. When you have children, you get to do all the fun stuff again! We go to the beach to build sandcastles, plan vacations around children's museums, and follow Ephraim right onto the playground equipment.

At home, we have disco dance parties in the kitchen, we race each other down the hallway through the latest obstacle course Daddy built, or we watch our favorite childhood Disney movies with big bowls of ice cream. We enjoy both the worthwhile work and joyful discoveries of parenthood. Abraham is rediscovering his LEGO collection from childhood and Chante is finding ways to share her love of music with Ephraim. Each day seems to hod new discoveries and possibilities. We love it!

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We are an open book and would be happy to talk anytime without pressure. We realize you are in an exploration phase and have the weight of the world on your shoulders. We won't add to it. We are at peace with our adoption journey and know it will work out when the timing is right. So if we can support you and your process with information, new perspectives on open adoption, or just to encouragement let us know. We're here for you.

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