Chanté is a high energy musician, photographer, and gardener. She teaches an online BYU Idaho class about Social Media Marketing. She graduated from BYU in Communications and later earned a Masters of Public Administration at the University of Utah. She quit a decade-long career in the media when Ephraim was born and loves her new full-time job as a mother.

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Chanté as a Mom

(According to Abraham)



Ephraim loves to clap, put his hands up in the air triumphantly, and exclaim "I did it!"


He learned that from Chanté. He mirrors what he sees and that is continual encouragement. She believes young children need positive affirmation several times per hour, so she is a fountain of hugs and happy words.

She loves the quote by Pam Leo that says, "Children need at least one person in their life who thinks the sun rises and sets on them, someone who delights in their existence and loves them unconditionally." I'm sure Ephraim has no doubt that she is that person. He has a cheerleader for life.



Chanté has great expectations for herself as a mother. To help her achieve some of them, she created a daily activities chart.

It includes music time, reading time, and playing outside. Others are a little more involved like a hands-on sensory project or craft or learning a math concept. She also has a weekly list with all of their favorite field trips. Ephraim loves helping her put the Velcro smiley faces on the chart as they accomplish each activity.



A short story may suffice. We had just one trip to Disneyland planned last fall but took two. Why? We went on a whim - Chante's whim - one extra weekend. We all loved it.

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"Good morning Ephraim sunshine. How did you wake so soon? You woke up all the blackbirds, and scared away the moon. Let's sing a song together, to greet the rising sun. Let's sing a song about the fun we will have all day!...."

This is just the beginning of the song Ephraim gets to hear when he first crawls out of bed in the morning. It's the same one Chante's Mom sang to her growing up, so she's continuing the tradition. She follows the song by naming a few of the fun things the two of them will do together.



Due to a hip reconstruction surgery at age three to remove a tumor, Chanté does not like to walk long distances. Yet she's never let anything she can't do stop her, so she wondered how she could still take Ephraim on long walks.

​Her creative answer was a hoverboard. Now she can hover-stroll for miles. She is also the envy of the neighborhood because she makes afternoon walks look so much fun.


Q&A with Chanté

How would you describe your personality?

I'm an extrovert in how I communicate. People fascinate me, so I love talking to them. I enjoy hearing their stories, learning from them, and finding connections. Talking also helps me process my own thoughts. As far as what motivates me, I am results and project oriented. I like to get things done, especially with others!

What are your favorite things to do?


Take pictures. I may be infamous for taking too many, but I find comfort in the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I also love learning stringed instruments and am currently focusing on the ukulele.

I also love gardening, cooking (when it works out!), grilling outdoors, editing videos, teaching, and planning family vacations with detailed travel binders of options. I would make a great travel agent. :)

What is your favorite flaw?

My car is not the cleanest, (I carry way too many things in there!) but if it's any comfort, my linen closet is lovely. Marie Kondo worked her magic and I now love to fold - anything.

What do you spend too much money on?

Children's books from thrift or used bookstores. I clean, label, and organize them by theme or holiday, and then rotate them on a forward-facing bookcase I built. Each is a piece of art and poetry combined.

What's on your "someday" list?

Make children's picture books of family history stories for our children - to help them remember their adoptive and biological families.