Best Friends

Q&A with Abraham and Chanté

How did you meet?

We like to say that the angels arranged our marriage using the internet, but we "met" in California. Abraham was in military training, so Chanté conveniently visited her brother who lived nearby. It was love at first date and we said "I do" one year later to the day.

Fast forward six years through four moves, two graduate degrees, one adopted son, and the typical roller coaster of life and we'll both tell you that love takes on new meaning with trials and with time. When nurtured in the right way (and we're constantly learning more what that means) love becomes even more beautiful than we ever could have imagined when we first met.


Abraham: How do you describe Chanté


She reminds me of Anne of Green Gables - positive, energetic, creative, expressive, and cute. She's like a firecracker because she has so much energy and zest for life.

Chanté: how do you describe Abraham?

Two quotes tell all. We were at Lagoon and planning to go on a ride. I told him I would hold our toddler. "Okay" he said, " You hold the baby, and I'll hold you." Another time, he told me, "Don't do things that are hard for you but easy for me." He's a rare gem.

What is one difference that challenges you?

Chanté: I'm a time optimist. I always think there's time to do one more thing before I leave, and I'm usually wrong.

Abraham: In the military, if you're not 15 minutes early, you're late.

Chanté: Good thing I'm not in the military. (But I am trying to improve!)

Describe some common ground.


If you ask us to name our best friends (besides each other) we will both say, "My siblings." This similarity helps us be more supportive of each other's desire to stay connected to family. We also share religious beliefs and encourage each other in our discipleship of Jesus Christ.

What do you enjoy doing together?


We both like to travel and spend time outdoors. Often Chanté will ride her bike while Abraham chooses to run beside her. It's our "different methods, same path" approach.

Chanté taught Abraham how to enjoy thrift stores and he reintroduced her to the joy of Disneyland. At home, we watch comedies or documentaries - always with two bowls of popcorn because Abraham thinks Chanté adds too much butter.

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